Our Soil Stabilizer Process

Our Soil Stabilizer Process

What is Soil Stabilization?

EARTHLOK SOIL STABILIZER in its diluted form is non- hazardous, earth friendly on the environment and will not harm plants or vegetation. EARTHLOK SOIL STABILIZER is injected into the sub grade clays beneath and or around the structure implementing hydraulic jetting. The hydraulic jetting method uses a steel wand injecting at a pressure of 300-600 psi. Injections happen at a desired depth of 3’ to 15‘. Injections will be done on 1’ intervals and disperse the correct amount of EARTHLOK SOIL STABILIZER needed to mix with the existing soils moisture content to cause the chemical reaction. The process will not cause swelling since all water being injected contains EARTHLOK SOIL STABILIZER. Due to the injection process, the clays will no longer be allowed to absorb migrating moisture beyond the limits of injection leaving the clays firm and stable.

Benefits of Soil Stabilization

There are numerous benefits associated with soil stabilization. Here are a few advantages to Earthlok’s solutions:

  • Cost-Effective – First and foremost, soil stabilization is a cost-effective solution for infrastructure and building projects throughout the area
  • Fast Service – We provide fast results that are guaranteed to work.
  • Eco-Friendly – Our soil stabilization process does not use any harmful chemicals or techniques, making it an environmentally friendly option.

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