Why Building on Stable/Solid Ground is Ideal Building Environment

Soil Stabilization Applications for Commercial ConstructionBefore a building project can start, a thorough investigation and assessment of ground conditions and stability are vital. This will help your engineers and contractors determine whether a site is suitable and stable for building on or not. It will also help engineers know where to place a building and what the size of the foundations need to be.

Some soils tend to be loose, poorly compacted, or are made up of small and unreliable particles. These types of soil compositions are vulnerable to shifting under pressure or eroding during rainy weather. On the other hand, some soils are prone to over-compaction, leading to poor draining. What we deal with a lot here in Texas are clay-based soils. Clay-based soils pose the challenge of swelling, which can cause instability and a loss of structural integrity in a building.

Inadequate ground stability could result in building failure as the structure’s interior walls will ultimately buckle or warp, and you may start to notice cracks in the foundation that will allow water in. Water has the potential to bring mold growth and a compromised structure. This is why building on stable ground is the ideal building environment.

If you are dealing with problematic soil, you have the option to use a soil stabilizer or soil injection leveling to fix your instability issues.

Ground and Soil Stabilization

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There are many benefits to ground and soil stabilization, including reducing soil suction, an overall increase in soil strength, and faster construction times. But what exactly is it? It’s an early step in the construction process in which the new building’s surface is reinforced, with chemicals or mechanically, to bear weight more adequately. The stabilization can enhance the soil’s physical properties, contributing to its strength, and it can help control shrinking and swelling. It is also able to improve the ability to sustain heavy loads. Without it, you run the risk of your building cracking and the shifting in foundations, interior and exterior walls, roof trusses, concrete slabs, roadways, pools, and more.

Soil injection leveling

Our stabilization solutions can help if you are dealing with an unstable building environment or swelling clay soil. And as a bonus, the chemical stabilizer we use is non-toxic and is not harmful to the environment or people. For top-rated ground and soil stabilization efforts, please call Earthlok at : 972-923-9698