Frequently Asked Questions

Earthlok was founded in 2000. Since then, we have helped countless commercial, residential, and industrial clients with their soil stabilization concerns. Today, we aim to continue helping with this very same issue but also to educate the community on soil stabilization and the methods we use.

Is soil stabilization damaging to the water table?

No, here at Earthlok, we use a non-toxic formula and less water overall to inject our soil stabilization formula into the ground before construction.

What is the soil stabilization process?

We use advanced equipment and a non-toxic formula to directly inject our solution into the soil. For commercial projects, we have machinery and other techniques guaranteed to accurately inject the soil.

How long does stabilizer last around a pool?

Our soil stabilizer is designed to last. Our solution is permanent once we have injected the solution into the surrounding soil.

What is the best way to add stabilizer around pools?

To add soil stabilizer around your swimming pool or during the construction process, we use handheld tools and equipment for accuracy.

What are the types of soil stabilization?

The most common types of soil stabilization include lime and cement soil stabilization. However, chemical soil stabilization is also a frequently used method. At Earthlok, we do not use any harmful chemicals in our stabilization process.

Is soil stabilization cost effective?

Absolutely! By investing in soil stabilization today, you will save money and time during the overall construction project.

What are the benefits of soil stabilization?

There are numerous benefits associated with soil stabilization, including a significant reduction in soil suction, an overall increase in soil strength, and faster construction times.

How do I clean application equipment after applying it on surfaces?

Earthlok handles the entire process. Our team will utilize all application equipment and clean everything before we finish the job. Your landscape or construction project is completely safe from contamination, as we do not use any harmful chemicals in our process.