Soil Stabilization Solution for New Residential Properties

When building a new home, you need to find the perfect location. Unfortunately, the changing soil can cause problems in the future. You’ll find that even a small amount of rainfall can cause clay soil in the region to shift and swell. The result is either spending more money on a larger, thicker foundation or dealing with the potential for property damage in the coming years. However, there is a third option – a solution that will ensure your new home is stable and secure for many years to come.

Here at Earthlok, we offer ionic soil stabilization to prevent the soil surrounding your new home from any swelling. Using industrial-grade equipment, we can stabilize the soil under your new construction. Our formula does not use any harmful chemicals, making it an eco-friendly option for stabilizing the soil.

Importance & Benefits

The most important aspect of soil stabilization is to prevent any long-term property damage. If the soil underneath your foundation begins to shift, it can lead to cracks in the foundation, interior and exterior walls shifting, and other damages.

When you invest in soil stabilization, you’ll enjoy a number of key benefits. Such benefits include:

  • Higher resistance values
  • Reduced plasticity
  • Fewer swell properties
  • Weather-proofing
  • Reduced foundation thickness
  • Improved soil compaction

Here at Earthlok, we take immense pride in knowing our high-quality soil stabilization formula is non-toxic to you and the environment. Through efficient techniques and experienced technicians, we can implement our soil stabilization solution to your new home’s construction site.

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