Soil Stabilization Applications for Parking Lots

Here at Earthlok, we aim to help your next construction project get underway in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. Before you can begin laying the foundation of your new parking lot, you need to consider the soil itself. Due to age and weather, the soil underneath your new construction project will shift. As it shifts, the pavement above also shifts. The result is unsightly potholes, cracks in the pavement, and dangerous roadway conditions for drivers. These situations are entirely preventable, though. By investing today in soil stabilization, you can ensure your new parking lot is both efficient and attractive to drivers in the area.

At Earthlok, we use an ionic clay soil stabilizer that is guaranteed to reduce the swell potential of clay soils in the region. This reduction is immediately noticeable.

Importance & Benefits

By investing in soil stabilization solutions from Earthlok, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits today and in the coming years. First and foremost, we offer a cost-effective approach to securing your construction project. Soil stabilization is an investment. If you take steps now to protect your parking lot construction, you’ll pay less in repairs and repaving in the future.

Another benefit, which everyone should love, includes an eco-friendly formula. As we inject our soil stabilizer directly into the ground, Earthlok has designed a non-toxic formula that does not harm the environment whatsoever. It is completely safe!

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