Soil Stabilization Applications for Commercial Construction

Soil Stabilization Applications Commercial Construction

The experts here at Earthlok offer an industry-leading soil stabilization product specifically designed to reduce the swell potential of expansive clay soils.

Importance & Benefits

By reducing the swell potential, foundations are much lighter and less costly while retaining more strength and increasing the load bearing capacity, creating a strong, static foundation.

Earthlok is engineered with the highest quality products that are safe for the environment while being extremely effective in stabilizing soil.


An airport is a home to high traffic – both vehicles and foot traffic – and must be strong and durable. If the soil begins to shift underneath a runway, the results can be tragic. Our soil stabilization process ensures airports are safe and secure.

Malls & Stores

In most malls and stores, construction is focused on a large variety of goods, storage, and foot traffic. The foundation must be strong enough to handle it all. With shifting soil, the foundation is weakened and at risk of failing. By stabilizing the soil underneath your mall or store, we can prevent any liabilities or crumbling infrastructure.


To ensure proper drainage and stable soil structure underneath a new or existing hotel, Earthlok provides exceptional solutions. We implement our advanced soil stabilization techniques to reduce shifting and water build-up in the soil.


Earthlok has previously assisted hospitals with their shifting soil issues. Today, we are here to help once more. We provide an exceptional level of detail for each soil stabilization task we take on, especially when dealing with hospital construction.

Storage Facilities

You’ll notice that most storage facilities are built atop a concrete foundation. Over time, water from within the soil seeps into the foundation, causing cracks and shifting. As the soil expands, the situation worsens. We can prevent this from happening.

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