What Is Road Construction Stabilization?

Soil stabilization for roads in North Texas boost efficiency and stability for years to come

by Piyapong Wongkam at Shutterstock

When you hear the term ‘soil stabilization’ you likely imagine residential or commercial construction — entire structures rising up out of the ground. The reality is, here in North Texas, soil stabilization is necessary for all manner of construction projects, including road construction. Without firm, stable soil for your new roadway, future drivers are liable to hit a pothole or gap in the road and careen off the side. It’s a hazard that we would all like to avoid.

Why Soil Stabilization for Roads Is So Important

If the soil underneath your road or the foundation itself begins to move due to the clay soil, the upper layer will soon shift, too. The clear majority of road shifting is caused by an unstable, unsuitable base.

Road movement on a large scale, such as what we see on North Texas roads, often lead to ruts, bumps, and potholes. These forms of damage eventually lead to vehicle damage and accidents.

Types of Road Soil Stabilization

When anyone says “road”, they likely mean the roadways we physically drive on to work or to the supermarket each day. However, a road can have a few different meanings, such as railroads or highways. These types of infrastructure can benefit from soil stabilization.

  • Highways — A highway is in constant use every day of the year. As such, the roadway is under more stress and subject to movement from passing vehicles. Your new highway shouldn’t be subject to movement.
  • Railroads — A railroad is designed to transport both people and large amounts of goods across the country with relative ease. To protect the investment of both the railway and whatever may be on board, soil stabilization helps secure the line for years.
  • Parking Lots — A parking lot ensures that customers can gain entry to your business, apartment complex, or sports stadium with ease. If that parking lot is broken and eroded, no one will want to visit for fear of damaging their vehicles. It’s important to stabilize the soil and secure it from weather changes.

The Benefits of Road Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization, as a whole, is designed to offer nothing but benefits for your construction project. When it comes to road soil stabilization, you’ll note a few key benefits, such as:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater stability
  • Fewer repairs
  • Cost savings

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