Soil Stabilization Applications for Airports

Applications for Airports

Earthlok Soil Stabilizer is a liquid ionic soil stabilization product that reduces the swell potential of expansive clay soil. Additional benefits include increases in density and strength and reduction in hydraulic conductivity and soil suction. Swelling clay soils are a very common problem that causes distress and cracking in foundations, floor slabs, walls, sidewalks, parking lots and roadways.

The experts here at Earthlok offer an industry-leading soil stabilization product specifically designed to reduce the swell potential of expansive clay soils.

Importance & Benefits

When Earthlok is introduced to expansive clays, Earthlok begins what is called an “ionic reaction.” During this reaction, water molecules bound to the soil are freed and replaced with a much smaller ion. This closes any microscopic cracks in the soil while satisfying the electrostatic charge, so the clay no longer has an affinity to hold water. This creates a stronger soil with an increased load-bearing capacity.

That load bearing capacity is a crucial part of the process. With a modern airport, the amount of concrete laid out for construction is immense. The average size of a runway is anywhere from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet, depending on the size of aircraft. Construction of this size requires an immense amount of room. Clay soil is often the only thing underneath this type of construction. Over time, clay soil will shift and cause cracks to form in the concrete foundation.

It is our goal to prevent these cracks and shifts from ever occurring. Our soil stabilization solution is guaranteed to create a stronger structure overall.

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