Soil Stabilization Applications for Railroads

Applications for Railroads

When constructing a new railroad system to span an entire state or the whole continent, you need to lay down the foundation for a successful project. That foundation is more than concrete. You need to turn your attention to the soil itself. Surrounding your new railroad construction project is soil, made of clay and granules, that may shift and swell over time. Whether due to time or weather, shifting soil is a detriment to your building project.

Here at Earthlok, we aim to provide soil stabilization services for railroad applications to ensure a successful experience all around. The soil itself will remain stable, ensuring the foundation you place for your railroad remains unchanged.

Importance & Benefits

Without using soil stabilization before constructing a new railroad, you would find that, in time, your project requires repairs or reconstruction. New lines would need to be placed, as the old railway would eventually shift or fall into disrepair.

Why? It’s the shifting soil. As the clay soil swells, it causes any foundation to shift. Eventually, the rail lines you place would also shift. On a railway, even the slightest shift can lead to devastation.

To better protect your railroad construction, pick up the phone and call Earthlok for soil stabilization services. You can reach us throughout the week at 972-923-9698!