Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilization

Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilization

Earthlok Soil Stabilizer is explicitly designed to prevent any damage to the environment. In its fully diluted form, Earthlok is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and does not harm local plants or vegetation whatsoever. Furthermore, Earthlok includes a biodegradable corrosion inhibitor.

No Naphthalene

 You’ll find that most other soil stabilization products on the market today include chemicals such as Naphthalene Sulfonates to disperse the solution into the surrounding soil. Naphthalene, in large quantities, is potentially harmful to the environment and to any individual exposed to the chemicals within.

Earthlok does not use such chemicals. We are a green-friendly company hoping to help both our clients and the environment flourish.

Faster Results for Less Money

Our injection process is completed up to 50% faster than any other method on the market today. Furthermore, with our quick, efficient process, you’ll find you enjoy faster results and less money spent overall. Saving time and money in today’s busy world is always an advantage.

Earthlok Soil Stabilizer is formulated to be eco-friendly and uses 75% less water than the competition. We stand by our long-standing goal to remain environmentally friendly and efficient for our clientele and our world. Through years of testing and research, we have produced a soil stabilizer that is guaranteed to provide results without harming the environment whatsoever. Other methods cannot say the same. We are proud of what we have accomplished here at Earthlok.

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