Expansive Clay Soil Stabilization

expansive clay soil stabilization - Earthlok DFW & North TexasIf you want a strong, stable home or business, you need to start from the ground up. The foundation is only as strong as the soil underneath. When that soil starts to expand, as it does here in North Texas, the potential for serious property damage is present.

To make up for the expansive nature of clay soil in Texas, many construction companies choose to over-design their foundation.

They add in extra piers and more concrete. In doing so, they add on time and extra costs to the project. As a homeowner or business owner, additional costs are never ideal. Fortunately, soil stabilization services are available. There’s no need for a thick, bulky foundation.

Here at Earthlok, we treat the soil directly. Using non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions, we inject the clay soil with our unique formula to strengthen the soil itself. In this way, we prevent excess water from soaking into the soil, preventing expansion underneath your foundation. The result is a thinner foundation, stronger soil, and fewer worries in the future.

Why Does Soil Expand?

Soil is made up of a variety of materials, most of which do not expand when introduced to moisture. However, the clay soil we have here in North Texas is unique. The clay minerals are expansive. These materials include smectite, bentonite, montmorillonite, beidellite, vermiculite, attapulgite, nontronite, and chlorite. There are even sulfate salts, which expand based on temperature changes rather than moisture levels.

With a large number of expansive minerals, the potential for rapid and significant swelling is a genuine concern. That being said, these compounds cannot expand if the moisture content remains consistent. That’s the key.

Clay Soil Stabilization

That’s where Earthlok’s soil stabilizer comes into play. This non-hazardous, sulfuric acid-based liquid stabilizer is injected directly into the clay soil beneath the foundation or into the planned area for both residential and commercial construction sites. The soil injection is performed using a heavy-duty steel pipe with a pressure rating between 200 and 300 psi. This injection reaches depths up to 15 feet, depending on your project needs.

Essentially, the soil stabilizer is designed to compact the soil in a way. It leaves the once-expansive clay soil firm and stable by reducing the water content levels and preventing any further moisture. This happens because the stabilizer replaces large ions with small ions, disallowing water from entering the soil. Here in Texas, where we face numerous rainstorms and serious weather concerns, this is a substantial benefit.

For expansive clay soil stabilization, contact Earthlok at 972-923-9698. We proudly offer soil stabilization solutions for residential homes, commercial construction, and even roadways.