Soil Stabilization Solutions for New Commercial Property Construction

 New Commercial Property Construction

The experts here at Earthlok offer an industry-leading soil stabilization process that is specifically designed to reduce the swell potential of expansive clay soils in the region.

When Earthlok is introduced to these expansive clays, our system begins what is called an “ionic reaction.” During this reaction, the water molecules bound to the soil are freed and replaced with a much smaller ion. This closes any microscopic cracks in the soil while satisfying the electrostatic charge, so the clay no longer has an affinity to hold water. This creates a stronger soil with an increased load-bearing capacity.

Importance & Benefits

Further benefits include:

  • Increases in density and strength
  • Reduction in hydraulic conductivity and soil suction
  • Electrostatic resistance to water molecules

As the soil expands and shifts, it can lead to cracking of the foundation, of sidewalks, and of the parking lot. After all, you have invested so much time, money, and energy into getting your business off the ground. Invest a little earlier in the process to enjoy strong, durable soil for the future.

Schedule top-rated soil stabilization services for new commercial construction with Earthlok. Give us a call at 972-923-9698 today for guaranteed results from a cost-effective process.