Earthlok Soil Stabilizer Limited Warranty Information

Earthlok Soil Stabilizer is a specialized product designed to limit the Potential Vertical Rise (PVR) of expansive soils, enhancing the stability and longevity of treated subgrade areas. Earthlok Soil Stabilizer is particularly beneficial in regions with problematic soil conditions.

Coverage and Duration of Our Warranty

The 10-year limited warranty provided by Earthlok covers the effectiveness of our soil stabilizer in preventing excessive soil expansion. The warranty becomes valid only after all geotechnical testing and documentation are completed, and a geotechnical engineer issues a report confirming satisfactory results. The warranty applies exclusively to the treated areas and is contingent on the proper preparation and maintenance as outlined in the project specifications and Earthlok’s guidelines.

Responsibilities of the Owner/Contractor

To maintain the validity of the warranty, the owner or contractor must adhere to several maintenance responsibilities.  Failure to meet these responsibilities will render the warranty null and void, releasing Earthlok from any obligations.

Inspection and Testing

Post-application inspection and testing are crucial for the warranty to remain effective. The owner or contractor is responsible for arranging and paying for these inspections. Tests may include evaluating the swell potential of the soil and conducting elevation testing. If the treated soil’s expansion exceeds acceptable levels, Earthlok will reapply the product at its expense, provided all conditions are met and proper procedures followed.

Claims Process

All warranty claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days of identifying a potential issue. The claim should detail the problem and include all relevant inspection and testing reports. Earthlok must be granted access to inspect the property and verify the claim before any repair or replacement work begins. Unauthorized repairs will not be covered under the warranty.

Exclusions from Coverage

The warranty specifically covers soil expansion beyond the specified tolerance levels. Contact us directly for a list the exclusions. 

Robust Protection Against Soil Expansion

Earthlok Soil Stabilizer’s 10-year limited warranty offers robust protection against soil expansion issues, provided that all specified conditions and maintenance responsibilities are met. This comprehensive warranty ensures peace of mind for property owners and contractors, safeguarding the integrity of treated subgrade areas against the challenges posed by expansive soils. For further details or to initiate a warranty claim, contact Earthlok at 972-923-9698