How Can I Stabilize Soil Under an Existing Foundation?

Here's how a property owner can get their soil stabilized under the foundation. - Earthlok Texas

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Even if you’ve lived in your home for many years, swelling soils are still a genuine concern. Years ago, when many residential homes in the area were built, expansive soil wasn’t something to worry about. The construction companies simply did not know enough about the matter to plan ahead. That’s where Earthlok steps in.

When it comes to stabilizing soil under an existing foundation, there are options. Our soil stabilization products can be administered around the perimeter of the home. In doing so, we effectively eliminate future movement caused by soil expansion.

Why do you need soil stabilization now? If the soil under your home is not properly treated, it can swell, leading to foundation damage. As you know, foundation repairs are expensive. Our stabilization services help cut down on costly repairs, as we offer a solution that helps prevent further movement in your home.

How Does Soil Swell Impact Existing Homes?

Soil swell, also known as “shrink soil,” can cause a wide variety of foundation problems. As the foundation soil expands or heaves, it can cause both interior and exterior wall shifts. Additionally, during periods of reduced soil moisture, the expansive soil can “collapse,” which can cause the foundation to shift, crack, or crumble.

Swelling soil has also been shown to cause erosion around an existing home’s foundation. Whether you have just begun to notice issues with your foundation or are interested in weather-proofing the soil surrounding your home’s foundation before any problems occur, the Earthlok experts are here to help.

Soil Swell Prevention 101

Soil swell can be easily prevented with a few critical steps. The first step is to contact an Earthlok team member who will guide you in choosing the right soil stabilization processes.

Essentially, soil stabilization is a process that turns weakened clay soil into a stronger, more stable base. The Earthlok solution uses a hydraulic jetting method to effectively inject the soil stabilizer to the desired depth at one-foot intervals. After the injections are completed, the soil will be firm and mitigate the risks associated with soil swell. In short, through soil stabilization, you can achieve a wide number of benefits for your residential property. These benefits include:

  • Higher resistance values
  • Weather-proofing for all seasons
  • Lower permeability

Stronger, more stable soil that avoids the issues associated with heave, expansion, or soil swell
Earthlok soil stabilization methods have the additional bonus of being environmentally friendly. The soil stabilization process is non-hazardous, eco-friendly, and cost-effective when used on new residential projects or an existing foundation.

By injecting the environmentally friendly solution directly into the soil surrounding your home and near your home’s foundation, Earthlok is able to produce a high-quality result without damaging the local environment. You can rest easy knowing that you have successfully safeguarded your home for years to come.

Get Started with Soil Stabilization Today

If you want to prevent the costly and potentially disastrous effects associated with soil swell, then you need to protect your home’s existing foundation today. Thanks to the environmentally friendly Earthlok soil stabilization process, you can effectively lower permeability, complete weather-proofing, avoid exterior and interior wall shift, and actively prevent soil swell from wreaking havoc on your home.

To learn more about Earthlok’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, and non-hazardous soil stabilization solutions, contact a trusted team member today. Simply fill out our online form, or call 972-923-9698 to speak with a soil stabilization expert today.