The Benefits of Commercial Soil Stabilization.

Ensure your commercial project runs smoothly with soil stabilization from Earthlok

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Earthlok provides commercial soil stabilization solutions in North Texas by injecting our environmentally friendly solution into the ground on your commercial construction project or existing business. This solution, upon interacting with the soil, helps improve bearing capacity, reduces soil swell, and decreases the risk of construction failure.

The Commercial Soil Stabilization Process

How does it all work? The process is quite scientific and thorough. In layman’s terms, the soil stabilization solutions, when introduced to our area’s expansive clay soil, begin an ionic reaction. During this reaction, the existing water molecules in the soil are released and then replaced with smaller ions. These ions fill the microscopic cracks and gaps in the soil, while satisfying the electrostatic charge, to help prevent wet soil. As we all know, wet soil expands. The more water the soil can hold, which is a lot for clay, the more damage is done above. Our process ensures the soil cannot hold water like it did before.

The physical properties of the expansive soil are forever altered and enhanced; the soil is strengthened and adds additional support. Your new foundation can be thinner, reducing your construction costs and saving you time, money, and hassle.

Soil Stabilization Benefits

The chemical soil stabilization process offers numerous benefits for your project. Whether you’re constructing a supermarket or an apartment complex, the soil underneath should be your first consideration. After all, construction isn’t cheap. It would be a shame to backtrack and lose progress because Texas soil is expansive.

Here are the key benefits you’ll see with soil stabilization from Earthlok:

  • Cost – You’ll enjoy lower maintenance and construction costs for the duration of your project.
  • Schedule – The chemical additives in the soil stabilization formula help expedite the drying of expansive soils to keep you on schedule.
  • Durability – The soil underneath your new construction project will better handle rain, dry seasons, and thaw cycles.
  • Strength – With soil stabilization, the area enjoys improved bearing capacity and strength to hold up your new commercial property.
  • Permeability – We’ll help you reduce the amount of water able to pass through the soil.

Earthlok soil stabilizer is used in the construction industry in North Texas on a regular basis. We’ve helped countless commercial projects by enhancing the soil, causing it to be stronger and more resistant to water. Now, we want to help you.

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