How to Stabilize Clay Soil

Expert clay soil stabilization - Earthlok, DFW, North Texas

By Frank Acevedo316 at Shutterstock

The majority of foundation damage here in North Texas is caused by the expansive soils we’ve spent our time trying to combat. Here at Earthlok, we’ve invested much time and energy into learning more about how to stabilize clay soil. We’re now prepared to share with you how it all works.

Many construction companies in the region will opt for piers. However, piers are not the best solution, as they are unable to stop upheaval. The only solution is soil stabilization when dealing with expansive clay soils.

How to Stabilize Clay Soil

Clay soil is extremely common in North Texas. This soil is composed of fine-grain minerals, including tiny particles with plastic and adhesive properties. These grains allow for miniscule voids and pores, which retain water during the rainfall we see in the area. As the soil soaks up water, it expands and shrinks, causing shifting and settling that affects the foundations and retaining walls above.

The soil stabilization process utilizes non-hazardous sulfuric acid-based liquid stabilizer, which technicians inject into the clay soil. The injection is performed with five steel pipes operating at pressures up to 600 psi.

Once Earthlok is injected the soil will not soak up rain or moisture in the air and, ultimately, will not swell in the same manner as before.

When You Need Soil Stabilization

There are countless cases in which soil stabilization could benefit new or existing construction. This includes extended wet weather, dry weather, poor drainage, or non-positive sloping.

If your property or new construction site experiences any of these conditions, now is the time to schedule soil stabilization to prevent any issues in the future.

The Benefits of Soil Stabilization

There are plenty of benefits to investing in soil stabilization. Here are a few advantages of this method:

  • Cost-Effective – Today’s soil stabilization methods are more cost-effective for your infrastructure and building projects.
  • Fast Service – The soil stabilization method is now streamlined and utilizes proper equipment to ensure fast service and guaranteed results.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The process for soil stabilization utilizes non-toxic techniques and solutions, ensuring an environmentally friendly project.

Do not wait for the first sign of trouble. Schedule top-rated soil stabilization to combat shifting clay soil with Earthlok. You can reach us at 972-923-9698.