How to Design a Foundation on Expansive Soil

soil stabilization services for expansive soil - Earthlok Soil Stabilization, Texas

By FOTOGRIN at Shutterstock

Here in Texas, we deal with expansive clay soil that can make construction projects a real hassle. Fortunately, when it comes to designing a foundation on expansive soil, there is a solution. That solution comes from Earthlok. We offer top-rated soil stabilization services that provide countless benefits. Let’s explore how to design a foundation on expansive soil.

Learn More About Expansive Soils

First, let’s discuss expansive soils. It’s impossible to properly build on this soil without learning more about its characteristics and the consequences of inadequate preparation.

  • The swelling, expansive soil commonly found in North Texas, which is made of mostly clay, is known to cause cracked foundations, pavements, floors, and walls. Each year, billions of dollars in property damage occurs because of swelling soil.
  • Estimates claim that ¼ of all homes in the country experience property damage because of expansive soil. The soil expands because of the weather – especially rainfall – which soaks into the ground.
  • Swelling soil is easily identifiable during the dry season because of the deep cracks along the surface.

Building a Foundation on Expansive Soil

Now, let us explore the act of building a foundation on expansive soil. It’s a challenge, and there are risks.

Before beginning the construction project, the property must be evaluated. The soil should be evaluated for swelling pressure, shrinkage index, consolidation, and strength.

If you want to avoid rising construction costs, invest in soil stabilization. The process involves an injection directly into the soil around an existing foundation or the site in which you intend to build. These injections are non-toxic and help strengthen the soil around your new property. That means you’ll spend less on the foundation, saving money and time on the project.

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