How to Build on Clay Soil? | Earthlok

Learn more about building on clay soil in North Texas with soil stabilization methods.

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In and around Texas, you’ll find an abundance of shifting clay soil supporting the foundations of residential communities and commercial construction. Clay is unique, and it poses a number of unique challenges for foundations, which is why soil stabilization is a must for any project with expansive clay soils. 

Through soil stabilization, it is possible to reduce the size and thickness of a concrete foundation, helping you save money and enjoy a stronger, longer-lasting home or business.

Soil Stabilization Challenges of Clay Soil

As soil is a compressible material, it will shift as weight is applied overhead or as the seasons change. With most types of buildings — both residential and commercial — the foundation will eventually settle somewhat. Then, of course, there is moisture to contend with. Clay is sensitive to moisture, which means it will expand and contract with the weather. This will then affect the foundation. You’ll end up with a shifting foundation, cracks, leaks and warped walls.

The nature of clay soil and its ability to expand means that fissures begin to form in time as the soil absorbs moisture and dries out from the Texas heat. These fissures allow in more water, which exacerbates the expansion and can damage foundations.

What is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization is a cost-effective alternative to a thick concrete foundation. It is a non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly solution that does not harm the soil or vegetation in the surrounding area. Earthlok is injected directly into the soil beneath or around the intended structure using a steel wand with a pressure rating of up to 600 psi.

The downside to common types of foundations is the cost. While predictable, they’re often more expensive than clay soil stabilization. You’re paying more for the material, which includes concrete or steel rebar, to strengthen the new construction as a whole.

For a more cost-effective solution when building on clay soil, trust in Earthlok to provide guaranteed results with clay soil stabilization. Give us a call at 972-923-9698!