Soil Nailing Services

Soil Nailing services North TexasIf you’re actively looking for an earth retention method that can keep your new construction safe in the long-run, then soil nailing is the most economical choice.

The process involves close spacing of nails for reinforcing bars installed during the excavation process. Essentially, a structural shotcrete facing helps to bridge these nails and better support the soil underneath your new construction.

Soil Nailing Applications

Here at Earthlok, we utilize soil nailing techniques as a temporary measure to better support structural excavation and underpinning. However, soil nailing also works as a permanent retaining method for walls or slopes.

Soil nailing often comes in handy for managing soil which is non-cohesive and difficult to handle. Here in Texas, we deal with a lot of expansive clay and soft, water-soluble soils. When it comes to construction, these types of soils tend to cause harm to the structural integrity of the building itself.

Some of the most common uses of soil nailing include:

  • Soil nailing helps stabilize slopes and landslides.
  • Soil nailing supports excavations during the construction process.
  • Soil nailing helps to repair and retain walls.

Soil Nailing Benefits

There are numerous advantages to soil nailing in North Texas, including:

  • It is a fast and cost-effective installation process.
  • For a highway or roadway, soil nailing ensures less disruption to vehicular traffic.
  • It allows easy adjustments in case of any obstructions that are encountered during the excavation process.
  • It can be easily applied in tight spaces, such as on a small lot.
  • There is less congestion during the digging process while soil nailing.

However, there are certain limitations to soil nailing as well. For instance, soil nailing is not suited for installation in unstable or non-cohesive soils. Also, for soil nailing, pre-drainage dewatering is required for installation below the water table.

At Earthlok, we pride ourselves on using the most innovative and scientific methods to stabilize soil and better protect your investment. Whether you’re building a shopping center or constructing a new highway, soil nailing services in North Texas will help ensure your project goes off without a hitch.
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