Soil Liquefaction

soil liquefaction - Earthlok, DFW & North TexasWhen constructing a new residential property or commercial space, you need a strong soil to ensure the project moves forward as planned. Sometimes, however, the ground here in North Texas behaves unexpectedly, leading to conditions like soil liquefaction, which occurs when the otherwise strong, solid soil temporarily behaves as if it were viscous liquid. This occurs when water-saturated, unconsolidated soil is affected by ground vibrations.



How Soil Liquefaction Affects Construction

As previously stated, when the soil liquefies, it begins to shift. The liquidized soil exerts higher amounts of pressure on retaining walls and causes the foundation of new construction to shift. This movement causes construction to buckle.

During soil liquefaction, the increased water pressure can lead to landslides that cause extreme property damage and loss. This is why it is so important to arrange for soil stabilization solutions. The stronger the soil under your feet, the better off your construction project.

The Response to Soil Liquefaction

The response to soil liquefaction is Earthlok soil stabilizer. In its diluted form, our soil stabilizer is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. The reagent reacts with metals in the mineral compounds of the area’s soil, producing salts and hydrogen ions. This reaction breaks up the mineral compounds and satisfies unbalanced electrical charges known to attract the water that leads to increased swelling and contraction in the soil. The ions in the soil then shed off the water.

The result? Stronger soil without the risk of liquefaction for better, more stable construction.

Take steps to protect your new residential or commercial construction with Earthlok’s soil stabilization process, designed to treat soil liquefaction. Give us a call at 972-430-8629.