Can Soil Stabilization Help Counter the Effects of Severe Weather in Texas Soil?

Prevent shifting soil with expert soil stabilization services.
By Stayman at Shutterstock

Here in Texas, we are no strangers to tough weather. At a moment’s notice, the sunshine we’ve enjoyed all afternoon could turn into a severe thunderstorm. The ensuing rain and wind can devastate building projects.

The soil, which may have been worked for days now, begins to swell. This swelling can be detrimental to Texans’ projects. The foundations being laid for new buildings are also susceptible to shifting. There must be a solution.

Thankfully, there is one. By investing in soil stabilization, you can protect your investment and enjoy fewer complications during the construction process and future movement. Even with the severe weather of Texas, soil stabilization is a surefire solution.

Shifting Clay Is the Culprit

Much of the soil found in Texas is clay. As you may know, clay is electrically charged with ions that are designed to pull moisture into the material. These ions can draw in water molecules from up to 12 feet away. During this process, the water flowing into the clay forms a network of capillaries that rise and fall. The more water that is soaked up, the greater the rise.

When it rains, the clay soaks up all the water and begins to expand. This expansion is the root of your trouble. As the clay soil expands, it causes whatever is on top, which in this case is your new construction, to shift.

Most often, you’ll notice minor damage to windows and doors, which become stuck. The foundation has shifted just so that the door is now out of alignment. In worst-case scenarios, the walls, floors, roadways, and entire structure begin to buckle in place. Before long, the walls may come crumbling down.

Handling Shifting Soil with Soil Stabilization

It is crucial to test the soil thoroughly before beginning construction. If the soil is identified as swelling clay, soil stabilization can be implemented early on to prevent any issues on your project. The stabilization process is eco-friendly, as well as cost-effective. The money you invest in stabilization today will save you countless dollars down the road.

The soil stabilization process is a simple injection. The formula is injected directly into the intended soil. Then, the soil that would once swell from water weight will not shed the moisture during the wet season. It directly counters the adverse effects of clay and moisture changes due to severe weather in Texas.

To ensure your new construction is stable and long-lasting, consider soil stabilization with Earthlok. Give us a call at 972-923-9698!